Appian design electronic circuits, from the simple to the complex.  We are happy to help at any stage of this process from developing the full item, reviewing your design or simply providing advice no matter how small or large your requirement is.  Our engineers have vast experience in all the main areas of electronics including analogue, high speed digital, FPGA, single / multi-core processors, microcontrollers, embedded systems power electronics and RF transmission.

Our engineers have designed circuit boards from just a single layer to fourteen layers, incorporating strict design rules for impedance matching, track length matching, creep and clearance constraints.

Appian’s up to date design software provides an integrated environment for schematic capture, PCB layout and generation of manufacturing data. We can also export three dimensional model files to import your mechanical design package to ensure that it fits in “the box” prior to manufacturing.

Our electronic designs are often placed into demanding environments, where they are subjected to large temperature variations, high levels of shock and vibration, whilst maintaining high levels of functionality and conforming to stringent EMC requirements.

We have provided electronics into consumer, commercial, industrial, automotive and defence sectors.  Each has their own set of demands and Appian strives to meet them all.

We do all sorts of clever technology things, but we have specific recognised expertise in the areas of mobile systems, video processing, wireless, connectivity, complex architectures and circuit board design.   These systems, often vehicle mounted or body worn, have to be optimised for low power battery operation, as not everything comes with a mains plug!