Appian is happy to start your new project with a clean piece of paper or pick up a current design and take it forward. We can assist your project during any stage of the design cycle, from the initial requirements capture, through the design, development, integration, test, qualification or validation.

We can even take on your old obsolete product and revive it, recreate it or upgrade it with modern technologies and methodologies. Using up to date design software, we deliver holistic packages of work, where you the customer can enjoy peace of mind, that you have a complete copy of all the required design and manufacture files for your project.

Whilst being expert providers of rapid prototyping we are also salient of the human factors, user interface and ergonomics of our design. We aim to design products that not only meet your technology needs but also those that are enjoyable to use.

We understand the importance of a design that is both technically accurate and space efficient. All of our designs consider the necessary thermal management and Ingress Protection rating. The planned operating location is carefully considered at all stages of the design process, including the enclosures / harnesses that we select. With all this in mind, we try and find the most cost effective solution for initial production and through life cost.

It is our mission to ensure that you recieve not only a product which meets your requirements but with the knowledge that the best possible solution has been delivered. We achieve this by engaging with you at the right level, any time, adapting and changing designs to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.